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All other contiguous counties to Dallas County are fully serviced!!.No extra charges, No hidden fees, No catches!!

$499.00 Total Including Filing Fees for an uncontested divorce with Attorney appearance AND filing fees paid*?

Why are you looking all over the internet for the cheapest divorce lawyer to do everything including go to Court with you when he is right here?

You can do it yourself if you want to stand in line three or four times and wait....and wait...and wait. Or you can hire Mr. Nance to get it done for you ASAP!!

What is the catch?? There is no CATCH!!!

Simply download this form right now and email it in!! If you earn less than $1,500.00 per month, you can fill this form out(right click to download or save), notarize it , email it in(I don't need the original) and save EVEN MORE MONEY!!

Night or Day, Weekend or Holiday. It's perfectly fine!!

You don't even have to come in!! We can do it all right from your office, desk or car!! Use your mobile phone to get your case started RIGHT NOW!!

What if I started a divorce, but I can't get the Court to approve my paperwork?

No problem. Just bring it in and we'll get you divorced ASAP!!


You bet!!
Spouse won't sign?
Spouse won't cooperate?
Spouse uncommittal?
Our fees much lower than other lawyers much like our agreed fees?...YES!!!! We do not charge hourly fees!!

What about if I have an upcoming court date?
Yes, we can go, even if it's tomorrow, but please, please, please,
CALL US RIGHT NOW @ 214-341-9026!!

I only take cases I feel I can help.
I aggressively fight for all my client's rights and I am totally unfazed by a trial threat of any kind, including a jury trial.
I have not backed down in my 34 years of practice to lawyers who rule by intimidation. I merely ask them to put their money where their mouth is. This is the reason that I believe so many people put their trust in me.

If you want a fight and results, hire me, if not, hire that other guy.
He'll be more than happy to take your money and do nothing!

Recent Results

February 23, 2018

CR vs.DG
Mother allowed to retain custody of her children. Father ordered to pay child support.

February 16, 2018
MD vs. TH
Father successfully rebuffed Attorney General efforts to increase child support.

February 8, 2018

LB vs. RB
Successfully negotiated settlementof more than $135,000, plus Husband Ordered to pay balance of $35,000 car note agreement for wife where no legal marriage proven. August, 2017

Common Law Divorce

Husband refused to acknowledge common law divorce.
Judge ruled marriage in effect and all assets(including house and cars), put into trust to be divided(almost $400,000)

April, 2017

Father given custody when Mother attempted to hide child


October 11, 2016

Child was removed from Mother, given to Client father with supervised visitation.

What are clients who already used us saying about our work?

These are actual reference letters on file at our office


Posted by Jimmy
Comment on Mr. Nance's Services:Excellent Lawyer

The best Lawyer I have ever had he will fight to the end for you and he is very reasonable on price for what you need.
Like I said the best I've ever had
Jimmy R

Posted by Christy
Comment on Mr. Nance's Services:Best Lawyer and Life Saver!

We were really backed into a corner when my husband's ex put child support on him following the death of his mother when he let his daughter go with her mom. After about a year the daughter was back to living with us and the courts were trying to throw my husband in jail for 180 days due to arrears even though we had the child living with us every day - no one would listen to us. We were in a financial bind and Mr. Nance allowed us to work out a payment plan and fought for us to show the court that that we were telling the truth and that the child is happy living with us and wants to continue to do so. We are celebrating now and we can finally breathe a sigh of relief - everything is going to be ok, now. Words cannot express our thanks and gratitude - call this man -he can help you!!

Comment on Mr. Nance's Services: Super Good

Mr brad is excellent I would hire him for custody in getting my child back in my home asap I recommended Mr brad he helping me out fighting to get my child back he stay in court rooms fighting for his clints so if any have a CP's case been false made on you go to Mr brad he is wonderful in will get yo kids back asap he is a hardworking lawyer

Posted by debra
Comment on Mr. Nance's Services:Best Lawyer in Dallas, Texas

i have come to this man and he made me feel like somebody really do care. i needed someone that i could trust and he made me and my 74 yr old mother feel that we could trust him. i would and will recommend Brad Nance to everyone i come into contact with. He is very special and dedicated to his clients. He took care of my case and made it affordable for me to get my case taken care of thank u Brad
Brad really helped me out
4.0 stars

Posted by Mark

Brad got me through a tough divorce with as little discomfort as possible. Even after the divorce was over and something came up, he was very quick to help me and alleviate my concerns. He is very easy to talk to both over the phone and in person. He gives it to you straight. No guessing games here.

"Thank you for your help with my divorce case."




"For all your words and help with Mike. They have done good. Thank you for all your kindess and support (and help with child-rearing!!)"



Dear Brad & Kerrie,

..."Thank you again for all your help with both the ticket and for listening when she was having problems."

C & R


Dear Mr. Nance:

Thank you for all you do for me and my wonderful and beautiful wife, Kaitlyn!! We thought we would never have gotten through it alone with all these mental health professionals.You have done so much for her we can never repay you!

Dakota H.



Thank you for alll your hard work, and my new life.

Jeannine M.


and, from a repeat client, this beautiful letter...

Reference Letter.pdf

Thank you all, and keep them coming!!


Brad Nance

and Staff




Aren't these qualities you want in your counsel?

Do you want to hire the lawyer with over 30 years of experience??

Don't you want to hire the lawyer that has the lowest prices in town AND gives the best service?

Do you want him to be available when you are available? Does the lawyer you are considering answer the phone 24/7?

Good news, we do!! If we can't do it first class the way you want, then we'd rather not do it at all. Please give us a chance, you don't even have to come in. Just download one of our forms from the appropriate section and email it to us. We will get back to you ASAP!!!!

If you just have a basic, no frills, no kids agreed divorce, we only charge $499.00, INCLUDING ALL THE FEES  for Dallas County!!!!

Our Lawyer goes to court with you to finalize it!

We do handle a vast array of other legal needs for you. All you need do is ask and we will give you the same great service and price that has made us successful and kept our clients returning year after year.

Of course, you can make payments!!

We are also open on Saturdays for your convenience!!

Just call on Friday and let us know you're coming!

Our investigators, lawyers, accountants, toxicologists, child custody experts require payment in advance, thus the need to receive that from our clients. Having said that, the majority of our clients pay for our services as they would finance an automobile, i.e., a down payment with small amounts over a period  of time.

If your court date is tomorrow, PLEASE CALL Immediately!!!

We can go to Court for/with you, but YOU have to call even if after hours!

Our location is at the intersection of LYNDON B. JOHNSON FREEWAY(IH-635) and Jupiter Road in Northeast Dallas almost to Garland. (28Q on Mapsco) We are located on the West Side of Jupiter Road and the South side of LBJ Freeway(I-635). This is the Dallas side of the freeway. We are less than a block from the freeway and Right On Jupiter. If you drive for more than one minute from the freeway on Jupiter Road and don’t find us, stop and give us a call. The address is on the building in large brass numerals.

Our Location is here:



* With Approved Affidavit of Inability To Pay

Otherwise, Filing Fees range from $280.00-$350.00.

Attorney does not receive ANY OF THIS MONEY!!


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