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How does your office do it so fast and cheap?

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How much experience do you have at this?

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How The Texas Process Works



Going solo on your own divorce? How to do it? What are the pitfalls to watch out for?? Answers from a Dallas Divorce Lawyer on representing yourself and handing your own case in the Dallas Family Courts

Almost weekly, someone comes in the office with a DIY divorce that hasn't gone bad.

The Courts review each Pro SE(people who represent themselves)divorce with a checklist.

The really bad part of this(as if getting denied a divorce isn't enough is that the Judge will not tell you

what is wrong. It is up to YOU to try and figure it out.

Let's go the top things that get people's divorce denied:

1. Did you file in the correct county?
You or your spouse must have lived in the county for the last ninety days.

2. Did you list the children's names on the first page?
Only put initials, not their full name.

3. Did you get everything signed before you filed?
This is the biggest No-No and will get you slammed right off the bat!

4. Are there prior court orders on your children you didn't include?
This won't work. Be sure to include them!! You only need to reference them correctly.

5. Did your spouse sign correctly in the right place and notarized if appropriate?
Another huge Boo-Boo committed!

6.Do I really even need a lawyer since all the information is available online?
It isn't all available online. It takes years of schooling and work to know even most of what is necessary.
There are pitfalls and beartraps galore!
The Official form website itself from the Supreme Court Of Texas even recommends you hire a lawyer!!

If you still want to file your own divorce, you can find the Dallas County forms(or really all Texas Counties) here.

Or you can take the smart road and let us assist you in filling this paperwork out so that they are right and guaranteed to work.

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