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Born in 1958, Mr. Nance grew up in Northeast Dallas close to where he practices. He attended Bryan Adams High School and graduated with honors in 1976. Thereafter, he received a Bachelor of Business Administration from North Texas State University, scored one of the highest ever results on the Law School Admissions Test and earned his law degree from South Texas College of Law in Houston. After being sworn in in May of 1984, Mr. Nance began practicing law close to his present location.

He is the proud father of four children with his beautiful wife, Kerry. Both he and his wife are graduates of Bryan Adams High School in Dallas. Mr. Nance has handled many thousands of cases in his 34+ years and has instilled confidence and trust in the legal system with his representation of his clients throughout all of North Texas.

In his limited spare time, he enjoys flying with his bride in their plane, spending time with their grandchildren and doing all the other things they enjoy doing on their time off. Here is a short video of the end of a recent flight containing our approach from the south and landing in Terrell, (Left downwind, full stop on one seven to you aviation people). Mr. Nance also takes time to enjoy volleyball, working outdoors and spending time with his large, extended family.

Mr. Nance believes in giving back of his time, effort and money and is heavily involved with numerous charitable organizations including Shriner’s, St. Jude, Dallas Life Foundation, Susan G. Komen and many others. A lifelong Texan, Mr. Nance lives on a ranch outside Rockwall, Texas. He loves meeting new people and hearing all the fascinating stories people tell. He welcomes you into his office to hear yours. What are you waiting for?



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