Affordable Dallas Criminal/Misdemeanor/Felony/DWI Attorney At Law. Jail Release as part of our services.
We Take Payments. Most Low Level North Texas Misdemeanors and Felonies Start at Only $550.00 Down. Release from Lew Starrett Jail Cases–NO EXTRA CHARGE!!

Our Goal is Dismissal of Your Case. Not Probation!!!

Only $550.00 dollars down on most cases. Affordable Payments with a very experienced Dallas Criminal Attorney.
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Affordable Dallas Criminal/Misdemeanor/Felony/DWI Attorney At Law. Jail Release as part of our services. We Take Payments. Most Low Level North Texas Misdemeanors and Felonies Start at Only $550.00 Down. Your Loved One will be visited in jail within 24 hours. We start work immediately towards bond release.

At Law Office Of Brad Nance, L.L.C., we are a full service Criminal defense firm serving clients throughout Texas and within the federal system. We are certified to handle complex criminal cases by the State Bar Of Texas. As a fully licensed and certified to handle difficult, involved and serious dwi, assault, drugs and family violence cases as a full-service criminal defense firm, we are prepared to handle every aspect of your DWI case, from bail arrangements to grand jury hearings, to criminal trials and working hard to keep your record and license clean. Felony or misdemeanor charges, our lawyers have the experience, skill and resources to effectively handle your case. We are not afraid to go to trial. When you plead guilty, you waive any error or mistake made by the State. This is why our firm has been so successful. We force the State to turn over all the information regarding your case to us so that we can find that mistake and potentially totally change your case!!

How is it we get such fantastic results?

How we do i it

Through our unique process, our firm is in a position to know what Judges are likely to do given a specific situation. this emanates from two places.

1, Our many, many years and thousands of cases have taught us immeasurable lessons that are younger and/or less experienced lawyer cannot learn without the time and energy and experience.

2, Our relationship with Judges through our work as well as knowing them prior to taking the bench gives us a perspective that many less experienced firms do not and cannot have.
When you hire our firm, you are getting all this experience, patience, determination and contacts as part of the deal with NO EXTRA CHARGE!!.
We force the State to show us the evidence against you and determine whether we might want to set a trial and try to defeat their case and get a dismissal.

You don’t have to accept a probation

If your loved one is in jail, we can also help with that 24 hours a day!!

Why use Our Affordable Criminal Defense Practice?

Our Texas criminal defense attorneys give us valuable perspective on how the prosecution builds its cases against our clients. We handle a wide range of criminal defense cases for clients throughout Dallas and the surrounding areas. The scope of our practice includes, but is not limited to:

  • DWI
  • Probation Violations
  • Expungements
  • Intoxication Manslaughter
  • DWI 2nd & 3rd
  • Family Violence Assault
  • Felony DWI
  • Cheap Dallas County Lawyer
  • Cheap Collin County Lawyer
  • Cheap Tarrant County Lawyer
  • Cheap Kaufman County Lawyer
  • Cheap Hunt County Lawyer
  • Cheap Rockwall County Lawyer
  • Cheap Denton County Lawyer
  • Cheap Ellis County Lawyer
  • We Know How to Win!!

Our lawyers focus on obtaining the most favorable result no matter what charges you are facing. In some situations, we are able to get favorable results for our clients even before charges are filed or indictments are returned. Because we handle so many case and the District Attorney’s know us, we are able to negotiate better deals than others who don’t work as hard or as long. When the prosecution has a stronger case, we seek to reduce the consequences as much as possible. We have extensive resources available, such as Suppressing evidence whenever possible Proactively gathering witness statements Gathering evidence that supports our client’s cases Thoroughly preparing for trial Seeking alternative sentencing such as probation, house arrest or community service. We are not afraid to set a case for trial and actually try it!! We use a variety of proven defense strategies in achieving our client’s goals:

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