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processing of these cases due to our very long time of handling them.

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We offer this service STATEWIDE in Houston, Amarillo, Dallas, Tyler, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Laredo and many, many more location throughout Texas.

Many times these hearings can lead into more substantive issues that will protect you such as custody, visitation claims, spousal support and child support. They can have dramatic effect on a large case so it is best to get involved ahead of time.

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Our lawyers focus on obtaining the most favorable result no matter what charges you are facing. In some situations, we are able to get favorable results for our clients even before charges are filed or indictments are returned. Because we handle so many case and the District Attorney’s know us, we are able to negotiate better deals than others who don’t work as hard or as long. When the prosecution has a stronger case, we seek to reduce the consequences as much as possible. We have extensive resources available, such as Suppressing evidence whenever possible Proactively gathering witness statements Gathering evidence that supports our client’s cases Thoroughly preparing for trial Seeking alternative sentencing such as probation, house arrest or community service. We are not afraid to set a case for trial and actually try it!! We use a variety of proven defense strategies in achieving our client’s goals:

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