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Our fees begin at only $499.00 for a COMPLETE(including filing fee(Affidavit Of Inability Required which is free) divorce in Dallas County. Don't try to do something yourself. Most likely you'll only end up hiring someone like us to undo it and fix it right!!!

Divorces can be so messy---but not necessarily!! Our firm handles many, many divorces, paternity, adoption, child support and termination cases every year. We try to take the quickest, most affordable route that is in the best interest of each client. Sometimes that means filing orders TODAY and having the judge rule immediately for your family's safety. We know how to fight a case. All the Judges in Dallas and surrounding counties know of us and our reputation for results-driven legal work. Please ask us for names of referrals who can tell you about us.

Don't sell yourself short trying to save a few bucks. You will end up worse in the long run. Just a few dollars in child support adds up to tens of thousands over the years!

Please call us!

We also work very hard and very long for your complete satisfaction. We can be contacted 24 hours a day.

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