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Divorce Filed Same Day While You Wait!

No Extra Charge!!

All Texas Counties Low Cost Cheap Divorce




Affordable Dallas Divorce Attorney

No extra charges, No hidden fees, No catches!! $750 Down*

Total Including Filing Fees for an uncontested divorce*?

Why are you looking all over the internet for the cheapest divorce lawyer to do everything including go to Court with you when he is right here?

You can do it yourself if you want to stand in line three or four times and wait….and wait…and wait.
Or you can hire Mr. Nance to get it done for you ASAP!!

What is the catch?? There is no CATCH!!!


Option #2

Mr. Nance will prepare ALL THE PAPERWORK you need for your divorce for a flat rate of $750.00.


*Filing fees, children and property extra; however, your case will still be filed the same day!!

If you earn less than $1,500.00 per month, you can fill this form out (right click to download or save), notarize it, email it in (I don’t need the original) and save EVEN MORE MONEY!!

Night or Day, Weekend or Holiday. It’s perfectly fine!!

You don’t even have to come in!! We can do it all right from your office, desk or car!! Use your mobile phone to get your case started RIGHT NOW!!

Note: If you come in personally, we will file your divorce for you

That’s right, you’ll leave with paperwork, a case number and a court number ready for your spouses’ signature!!

What if I started a divorce, but I can’t get the Court to approve my paperwork?
No problem. Just bring it in and we’ll get you divorced ASAP!!


I downloaded the forms from, or I obtained the divorce forms from the county library, but I need help beginning. I don’t know what to do?

Let us know this and we can assist you in filing your paperwork without our name being on them, and thus significantly reducing your fee.

*Dallas County Agreed Divorce with properly completed and qualified Affidavit Of Inability.

Paternity, Child Support, DNA, Modify Visitation or Custody through the Attorney General.


We can save you thousands of dollars from a false claim of paternity or excessive child support claim.
Don’t pay retroactive child support. CALL US.

If you have a case or a meeting with the Attorney General regarding a child custody  at their office—CALL US NOW!!! 214-341-9026

If it’s tomorrow, that is okay!!