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What is this child visitation schedule I keep hearing about?

How does your office do it so fast and cheap?

Is it true you do payment plans on your cases?

How much experience do you have at this?

Where are you guys at?

I just want to get the forms and get going!

I have a criminal case I need help with!

How The Texas Process Works



We need your basic information form here.

If you earn less than $1,500.00, please download this form and have it notarized!! Both of these forms can be scanned and emailed back to us here!!


After we receive your down payment and we explain all of our services and procedures to you, we take the information you provided and prepare papework to file with the Court. To receive the paperwork back from the Court takes a few days as someone downtown has to "bless" it before it is actually visible to see on the internet. This record can be accessed at "https://courtsportal.dallascounty.org/DALLASPROD".

Once we receive this paperwork from the Court, we contact you to make an appointment to come in and prepare the final paperwork that the Court will sign. Once it is prepared and acceptable to you, we try to obtain your spouse's signature on the documents. There are two documents that need to be signed.

1. The Decree that we just prepared that the Court will sign, and..

2. A Waiver that prevents the necessity of serving someone at their home, job or some other inconvenient place or time.

Once both of these documents are signed, we will set a Court with you to finalize your case. At the final hearing you will receive certified, conformed copies of your Decree that you can retain for your records.

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