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Here is a letter from Mr. Dale O’Neal, a Board Certified Family Lawyer who is an accomplished mediator and was involved in trying to settle a case where I represented one of the parties.

Reference Letter From Highly Respected Lawyer

What are clients who already used us saying about our work?
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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Being my first time going through a divorce, I had no idea what to door expect. Brad and his team broke everything down in simple terms, handled all the paperwork, worked around my busy schedule and ultimately got the whole thing done in a complete professional manner! Amazing team and thank you for giving me my freedom back!

Pnguyen 5292

This is by far one of the best attorneys in the Dallas metroplex area! He actually cares about his clients and getting them the results that they are trying to obtain! I give this law office a perfect score. I will highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of an attorney!

Marci Wilhite

"A good name is better than riches!" I simply came across Atty Brad Nance's name during my internet search and I can proudly add my voice to his good reviews. Before meeting him, I had thought my divorce case was too complicated but when I walked into his office, he assured me everything would go seamlessly within a very short time. He took care of everything completely!! The only part I took was to sign my part of the documents, attended the prove-up hearing and complied with our agreed payment plan (which is a great plus to his services). He surely knows his onions!

Jaimie Olah

Thank you all, and keep them coming!!


Brad Nance
and Staff