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What are clients who already used us saying about our work?

These are actual reference letters on file at our office:

Brad is a awesome lawyer that's say's and does what he stands for, and I Joseph and Sparkles Taylor Austin appreciates so much Thank you, I do recommend him

Joseph A.

Brad assisted me in a divorce. Brad cuts to the chase. He tells you what you need to do and when you do it the process moves pretty quick. You make the time and he'll get things done. I truly do appreciate the assistance from his staff and he himself. Seriously Thank you Brad!


Mari S.

Mr. Nance is the man. He helped me and my family through a tough time, but with his expertise, sharing his experiences and great follow up, we were able to have an amicable divorce. I took his advice to the heart and I can honestly say that his is a great man who truly wants to help others. His wife is also a sweetheart and she was helpful as well. I would recommend this man to anyone with family legal issues. Great man and great service!!!


Torey L.

My experience with Attorney Nance & his office was professional, compassionate & swift. I’m very grateful for all he’s done. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. If you’re looking for an experienced & well known attorney to get the job done, don’t look any further. Attorney Nance is #1.

Angie I.

I like this guy. It was a little late in my case but during my consultation he was right on point with every comment he made and totally got my story first time through. Hopefully I won't need an attorney in the near future but if I do I would be extremely confident inith this mans abilities. His presence was big snd his experience obvious throughout
the consultation and I felt heard and very much at ease. The rate he requested was quite reasonable as well. Thanks for your input Brad. You pointed out some key things I hadn't thought of. The consultation alone was a great benefit to me.

Susan G.

I highly recommend Mr Nance for Divorce cases. He handled my case in an Exceptional manner. He also works payment arrangements when needed!
Thank you Mr Brad Nance.

Roscoe H.


Thank you for all your hard work, and my new life.

Jeannine M.

Dear Mr. Nance:

Thank you for all you do for me and my wonderful and beautiful wife, Kaitlyn!! We thought we would never have gotten through it alone with all these mental health professionals. You have done so much for her we can never repay you!

Dakota H.

Dakota H.

Dear Brad & Kerrie,

..."Thank you again for all your help with both the ticket and for listening when she was having problems."

C & R


"For all your words and help with Mike. They have done good. Thank you for all your kindness and support (and help with child-rearing!!)"


Brad got me through a tough divorce with as little discomfort as possible. Even after the divorce was over and something came up, he was very quick to help me and alleviate my concerns. He is very easy to talk to both over the phone and in person. He gives it to you straight. No guessing games here.

"Thank you for your help with my divorce case."


Comment on Mr. Nance's Services: Best Lawyer in Dallas, Texas

I have come to this man and he made me feel like somebody really do care. I needed someone that I could trust and he made me and my 74 yr old mother feel that we could trust him. I would and will recommend Brad Nance to everyone I come into contact with. He is very special and dedicated to his clients. He took care of my case and made it affordable for me to get my case taken care of thank u Brad
Brad really helped me out.


Comment on Mr. Nance's Services: Super Good

Mr. Brad is excellent I would hire him for custody in getting my child back in my home asap I recommended Mr. Brad he helping me out fighting to get my child back he stay in courtrooms fighting for his clients so if any have a CP's case been false made on you go to Mr. Brad he is wonderful in will get your kids back asap he is a hardworking lawyer.


Comment on Mr. Nance's Services: Best Lawyer and Life Saver!

We were really backed into a corner when my husband's ex put child support on him following the death of his mother when he let his daughter go with her mom. After about a year the daughter was back to living with us and the courts were trying to throw my husband in jail for 180 days due to arrears even though we had the child living with us every day - no one would listen to us. We were in a financial bind and Mr. Nance allowed us to work out a payment plan and fought for us to show the court that we were telling the truth and that the child is happy living with us and wants to continue to do so. We are celebrating now and we can finally breathe a sigh of relief - everything is going to be ok, now. Words cannot express our thanks and gratitude - call this man - he can help you!!


Comment on Mr. Nance's Services: Excellent Lawyer

The best Lawyer I have ever had he will fight to the end for you and he is very reasonable on price for what you need.
Like I said the best I've ever had.

Jimmy R.

and, from a repeat client, this beautiful letter…

Thank you all, and keep them coming!!


Brad Nance
and Staff