Why You Shouldn’t Use a Big Firm

P.S.–Mainly Because You Don’t Have to!!
These People Are Experts About Getting Money Out of You.

They hire computer folks and spend millions(yes, millions) to update their website daily to the latest keywords, metatags, etc…

They have to make up that money somewhere, and guess where that it???

My wife loves to cruise and I learned early on that the cruise is artificially cheap and the cruise line makes up for that loss by selling all the other stuff.
Now, if you need babysitting constantly, a big firm is a “go to” one.
You’ll be very happy because there will be someone to cheerfully take your ten calls per day. What you don’t see in the background is the person getting on the computer and pushing the “start” button on the stop watch to time it all and bill the hell out of you, usually to the nearest 6 minutes.

Yes, you are getting charged for postage, envelopes, the time spent handling the mail, on and on. Your bill will be insane and you’ll soon find out that the $5,000.00 you paid down and thought that would pretty much get it all…..is all gone in a month!!
You can see in their contract that you will be charged by many people you don’t even know and have never heard of(similar to medical). But again, these people are paid to charge and even have quotas they are required to maintain each week/month/year. Do you really want to have 14 people on your case that don’t know anything about your case except your name?

You Don’t Get That Crap at My Law Office.

We don’t have any kind of quota and we don’t charge for many, many things they do… like mailing out a letter. You are charged by them for the time to write the letter and the postage. Many times there is even a surcharge on the postage. NOT HERE!
Did you know that an attorney(or two), a secretary, a paralegal are appointed to your case at the outset, and they are given a quota to fill? That’s right, they are required to bill you for so much each billing, and must fulfill it each month or risk losing their jobs!!
Is this really what you want to do? The results they achieve aren’t any different than mine, and mine cost much, much less and much better customer service.
If you wanna pay them then go ahead, I’ll see you in a few months.

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